Letterpress and Confetti


This morning, as we were opening our daily packages of fun, we were overjoyed to see Thimblepress cards, and push pop confetti. The bright colors and perfect packaging tend to always bring the biggest smiles to our faces, knowing that we have new and exciting products to share with our customers. Which, brings me to the newest product in our beloved shop, push pop confetti! Yes, we know, we are really excited about it too, and wish we could pop one open right now, but we will leave the fun to you.

Thimblepress is a new company to Rugg Road, that our owner, Amy Madanick, met at the New York stationery show this year. The women who creates these wonderful designs name is Kristen, and her studio is based in Mississippi. She has always loved creating art through many different techniques, such as painting and graphic design, and tries to bring out her love for life, her family, and favorite places in the world through, which we believe she has done extraordinarily well.

Below are some of the cards that arrived today, as well as the confetti push pops, and we of course have many more cards to chose from! Come pick one up to congratulate a close friend on their engagement, to say happy birthday in a stylish way, or even if you just wanna give someone a high five for being awesome, we have the card for you!

Confetti Pops.JPG