Kramer Drive ETCETERA

We do not know if you have heard the buzz yet, but one of our favorite vendors here at Rugg Road, Kramer Drive, has just released a new line they are calling ETCETERA, and they have absolutely outdone themselves.

The moment the new book was dropped on our work table the whole crew was oohing and aahing at their newest additions, which includes different thickness of paper choices, die cut shapes and being able to customize your very own stickers as well a notepads! The most exciting aspect for us though, and I'm sure as well as the Kramer Drive Holiday Card lovers, is that now they are able to produce folded card with a digital photo on top! This is big news because this was not possible before now. So, what are you waiting for? Come by Rugg Road and check it out!

Below is a preview of some of the great things your imagination can now create.

Emily S.