Custom Design

It's June, and summer is officially is upon us! With the season of summer comes the season of weddings and events! We love this time of year; working on weddings and special events is perhaps one of the most enjoyable opportunities for us to supply our clients with gorgeous, handcrafted stationary. If you, or someone you know is getting married or hosting a special event, stop by our shop- our in-house designers can produce beautiful, custom designs to add the perfect touch to any event!
Our two talented designers, who work closely with brides to realize their vision, produce our custom designs with careful attention to detail and craft. Once we finish the design process, the design is sent to the press. We often print in-house designs digitally, although they can be printed in the letterpress, thermography, or engraving processes. We tend to use the digital printing process, as it has the fastest turn-around time. Digital printing is also the most cost-effective, as it is less labor-intensive compared to other printing processes. Finally, we can add other custom elements, such as ribbons, backings, or handmade paper accents. 

We hope you will love our custom work as much as we do!